Provide immediate and long-term funding and awareness for mental health counseling for the
Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting survivors, their families and the community-at-large.


Parkland Cares was founded days after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th. 2018. It began offering help to the MSD students, teachers, staff and the local communities find the mental health counseling they would need to recover from the trauma of that day. Since then, Parkland Cares has awarded $675,000 to local mental health agencies that dedicated resources and created special programs to help members of the MSD community get back on their feet.

From the recognition of our successes helping families in the Parkland area, many in the community began asking if Parkland Cares could do the same for all South Floridians. While our mission has expanded, our name remains the same, to honor those whose recovery should motivate others to say: I can heal, too.


Parkland Cares is designed to provide a centralized resource to help cope with tragedy. Parkland Cares is an easy way for people who need help to get connected with the community service providers that can help with crisis counseling, intervention services, short and long term therapy, trauma counseling and more.


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